The Real Time Booking Problem

The Problem: - the mainstream travel industry platforms currently cannot provide real time booking of an accessible hotel room

This is not the hotel's industry's fault but rather the fact that the computerised booking and inventory management systems of the travel industry have evolved over time excluding accessible rooms.

For example, the major Online Travel Agencies make no distinction in their inventories between standard and accessible rooms i.e. if a hotel has 95 standard rooms and 5 accessible rooms, 100 standard rooms will be listed. There is no category for accessible rooms. This results in able bodied guests being allocated to accessible rooms when standard rooms are booked.

Therefore, to book an accessible room, one must book a standard room and make a special request for an accessible room. This request will be directed to the hotel but there is no guarantee that an accessible room is either available or will be booked. Furthermore, the user will have no idea of the quality of the accessible room.

Online Travel Agencies do not have limited space to focus on a hotel's accessible facilities and arguably view the accessible market as low market value and too specialist.

The Solution: - Real Time Booking of Hotel's Accessible Rooms is able to provide real time booking of hotel's accessible rooms through integration and partnership with Channel Managers. Channel Managers link to Online Travel Agencies and manage a hotel's availability i.e. when a booking comes through one Online Travel Agent, the Channel Manager will reduce availability on all of the hotel's other Online Travel Agents.

For those hotels where we cannot offer real time booking, we offer a Price Request booking system.