Top Rated Hotels

The Clayton Hotel
Galway, Ireland
93 %
Cork International Hotel
Cork, Ireland
90 %
Hayfield Manor
Cork, Ireland
87 %
Lough Erne Resort
Fermanagh, UK
87 %
Midleton Park Hotel
Cork, Ireland
83 %
The Woodenbridge Hotel & Lodge
Arklow, Ireland
80 %
The Johnstown House Hotel & Spa
Enfield, Ireland
80 %
The Heritage Killenard
Killenard, Ireland
80 %
Roganstown Hotel & Country Club
Dublin, Ireland
80 %

How it Works is an innovative Online Travel Agency (OTA) specialising in the booking of accessible rooms in hotels. We provide:

1.      Information on and photographs of each hotel's general accessibility, accessible bedroom and accessible bathroom; see below.

2.      For certain hotels, we provide real time booking of accessible rooms. (We accept all major credit cards).

3.      For hotels where we cannot provide real time booking, we provide a Price Request booking system whereby the user can request a price for the hotel and dates required. We will reply to the user with an offer within 48 hours and the user can complete the booking on our site.

4.      Merit based review system; the user can post a review of the hotel post his/her stay.

5.      DFH Connect which is a free social network for the disabled community whereby disabled users can share accessible information with other users of a similar disability; see below.

6.      A Supplier Directory providing accessible equipment suppliers and service providers.

We Provide Sufficient Accessible Information for Users to Make Informed Decisions

The disabled community have no central platform to make informed decisions about which hotel they wish to choose. requires partner hotels to answer specific criteria on their general, room and bathroom accessibility and an overall summary of their accessibility whilst providing extensive photographs.

This level of information enables the disabled traveller to make informed decisions and this generate peace of mind.

We request users to rate their experience thus creating an accessibility meritocracy for the hotel industry and thereby incentivising hotels and hotel staff to raise standards and service.

We Provide a Free-to-Use Social Network for the Worldwide Disabled Community to Encourage the Free Sharing of highly Relevant & Specific Accessible Travel Information

The disabled community has longed for a comprehensive source of accessible travel information in a ‘one-stop-shop' platform.

It is almost an impossibility to put together a website providing disabled information and standard rating criteria for all worldwide destinations.

However, we thought it feasible to create a free to use, social network whereby disabled users can share accessible information with other users of a similar disability about their home town or places travelled to.

This approach provides the disabled user with information highly specific and relevant to his/her disability. The disabled user can identify and make informed decisions about where to travel to, where to stay, what to expect when there and how to get there. i.e. how accessible was the airline and the airport, the taxi, local attractions and amenities, public transport, what to be careful of; i.e. closing times of tube stations, stairs at tube stations, local and wider area accessibility, paving, dishing etc.

The DFH Connect user has the choice to disclose his/her disability, first name, nationality and home town in order to connect with similar users to share experiences and information on accessible travel. All locations booked and travelled to by the user through will also be displayed.

You do not need to make a booking on to become a member of DFH Connect; it is completely free.

We also provide other accessible information through an innovative Blog.

Supplier Directory

Finally, our Supplier Directory provides accessible equipment suppliers and service providers.